#241: Why Was the Latin Mass Really Attacked? Dr. Janet Smith

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Professor Janet Smith is the leading English language expert on Humanae Vitae and a renowned writer and speaker. She has never considered herself a “Traditionalist” but has come to love the Extraordinary Form Traditional Latin Mass. Recently retired as a professor from the Sacred Heart major seminary in Detroit she has some vital insights into the July 16, 2021 motu proprio Traditionis Custodes.

You're not going to hear this line of thinking anywhere else.

In this Interview You Will Learn
  • The odd timing of the motu proprio
  • Some reasons why the Traditional Latin Mass is the antithesis of the goals of this papacy
  • The red pilling process that takes place when you begin to attend the Latin Mass
  • Beginner's suggestions for the Latin Mass
  • Why the motu proprio represents the attempt at a full break from sacred Tradition
  • The hard position into which lay people are put and how to move forward
  • Proof that the attack on Tradition began under Paul VI
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Watch this episode on our website here: https://www.patrickcoffin.media/why-was-the-latin-mass-really-attacked/

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