Ep. 43 | Austin Hill with Breanna O’Leary

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Welcome back to TPF Live! Today, Rob Tiongson and Nathan Solomon are joined by TrackHouse Racing pit crew member Breanna O’Leary to discuss all the action from last weekend at Watkins Glen International, including two Kyle Larson victories and Kimi Raikkonen’s Cup Series debut. Later, they preview the regular-season finale at Daytona. In today’s Hot Seat interview, RCR’s Austin Hill stops by to chat. Hill has two Xfinity Series victories this season and looks toward the playoffs. Motorsports journalist Rob Tiongson and co-host Nathan Solomon talk about the latest happenings in NASCAR, INDYCAR and Formula 1 with special guests in a weekly, one-hour radio show and podcast showcasing personalities and thoughts from the asphalt arena! Head on over to spoilerdiecast.com, our new diecast store partner offering the latest and greatest from Lionel Racing! If you spend $20 or more in in-stock items or preorder items, take advantage of 5% off your order and free shipping with promo code "TFP!" Get in victory lane with Spoiler Diecast now!

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