Glenn Gutmacher, Super-Sourcer

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@GUTMACH -- LINKEDIN: I've strategized and operationalized talent sourcing systems, customized tools, and trained sourcing teams to build candidate pipelines in multiyear, full-time roles at 4 multibillion-dollar companies. I enjoy building domestic and offshore sourcing teams and quickly getting them up to speed, motivating them to learn new and better ways of doing things, and create their own centers of excellence to put them into practice, refining and reinforcing what they learn to take themselves to another level. I create other sourcing systems that scale: datamining hidden gold in your ATS or CRM; thematically-coordinated email and social campaigns on a cadence; content best practices in job postings, emails and inmails; systematic online name-gen against competitors by titles, companies, directories, etc. I address the productivity gap space between typical daily sourcing activity and robust purchased third party tools - i.e., while I don't claim to be a full-fledged programmer, I know enough coding to create custom bookmarklets, Excel VBA macros, web scraping, and other JavaScript-based web interfaces to save time across a team, but with enough flexibility built-in to be individually useful, and clearly explain to end-users how to benefit from them. I do detailed, informed evaluation of new third party tools, as someone who gets the full sourcing cycle, and can serve as the interface between end-users and vendor developers to recommend/direct functional specification improvements to meet actual needs.

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