Yahweh Is In the "Now"

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Beginning with a review and processing of what's been ministered over the last week we see Yahweh operating in the "now". The "Now" is the Past, Present, and Future. Yahweh is in the "Now". The Rock has progressed through three seven-year periods to date. Last Sunday was a crossing over introducing the next dimensional period. We need to be both mothered and fathered, discipleship. But women are exploited by Babylon and beat down by religion. Yahshua had powerful women around him. One size of discipleship does not fit all, each situation is different, life is different, so it must be tailored to each situation, each person. There are people you cannot go to until you have gone through the Cross. Know where you are called and to whom you are joined. Remain jointed and joined in relationships that spiritually grow you, not simply with people of like interests.

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