Ep 246: The Life and Times of Ayaz Memon

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Over the last few decades, India has changed, cricket has changed, our media has changed -- and one man has seen it all. Ayaz Memon joins Amit Varma in episode 246 of The Seen and the Unseen to reflect on some of what he has seen and learnt. Also check out: 1. Indian Innings: The Journey of Indian Cricket from 1947 -- Edited by Ayaz Memon. 2. Cricket-related episodes of The Seen and the Unseen with Harsha Bhogle, Sharda Ugra, Ramachandra Guha, Prem Panicker and Gideon Haigh+Prem Panicker. 3. The Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack. 4. The Wisden Book of Test Cricket (1877-1977) -- Compiled & edited by Bill Frindall. 5. The Test where India beat Australia at Brabourne Stadium, 1964. 6. Sachin Tendulkar's first Test, Sunil Gavaskar's last Test, Kapil Dev's 175 and the 1983 World Cup final. 7. Opportunity, Choice and the IPL (2008) -- Amit Varma. 8. What cricket can learn from poker -- Amit Varma. 9. The Tamasha All Purists Should Love -- Amit Varma. 10. Beyond a Boundary -- CLR James. 11. Neville Cardus and Jack Fingleton on Amazon. 12. The Picador Book of Cricket -- Edited by Ramachandra Guha. 13. Hardcore History -- Dan Carlin. 14. How Social Media Threatens Society -- Episode 8 of Brave New World. 15. Kicking Schoolbags (2006) -- Amit Varma. 16. The Jubilee Test, 1980. 17. My Cricketing Years -- Ajit Wadekar. 18. Sunny Days -- Sunil Gavaskar. 19. The Life and Times of Vir Sanghvi -- Episode 236 of The Seen and the Unseen. 20. Deep Work -- Cal Newport. 21. Unlikely is Inevitable -- Amit Varma. 22. The abandoned ODI at Sialkot, October 31, 1984. 23. Mankad's Test, India's first Test win, Gavaskar's 29th, Gavaskar's 30th. 24. R Ashwin's YouTube channel. This episode is sponsored by CTQ Compounds. Check out The Daily Reader, FutureStack and The Social Capital Compound. Use the code UNSEEN for Rs 2500 off. Please subscribe to The India Uncut Newsletter. It’s free! And check out Amit’s online course, The Art of Clear Writing.

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