The Gifts of Africa w/ Jeff Pearce (Part 2)

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On part 2 of our episode with author/journalist/activist/insertothercooltitle Jeff Pearce, we discuss his upcoming book The Gifts of Africa releasing worldwide on April 15 (PREORDER He writes, “The West will begin to understand Africa when it realizes it’s not talking to a child—it’s talking to its mother.” Unfortunately, little attention is paid to African history but Jeff Pearce hopes to at least get the movement in motion towards educating the world on the wonders and contributions of the African continent. Africa is more than its problems and we would be better off giving the same energy to its innumerably invaluable contributions to the world that we do the negatives. We lose nothing by acknowledging Africa’s accomplishments. Check out this insightful interview! Shout outs to Africa!!!

Gifts of Africa Preorder Link (Hardcover):

Prevail: The Inspiring Story of Ethiopia's Victory over Mussolini's Invasion

Jeff Pearce Twitter: @jeffpropulsion -

Jeff's YouTube channel:
Twitter: @semiamericans
IG: @semiamericanspodcast
TikTok: @semiamericanspodcast
Facebook: @semiamericanspodcast

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