SPI 492: How to Find and "Characterize" Your Passion with Connie Neal AKA Grandma Goodie

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#492 We've got a fun one for you guys today. Connie Neal is on the show and boy, is she a character. And I mean that literally . . . Connie creates amazing content for kids as a character she created called Grandma Goodie, and she does a phenomenal job. First, we're going to be going back in time a little bit because Connie wasn't always a for-kids YouTube content creator. A while back she had an idea for something else that she actually mailed to me, but it didn't pan out. Still, Connie pushed forward with relentless optimism and now she's starting to really find her groove. We'll chat about how she got to where she is now and where she's going next, with a couple of fun stories to boot. Let's get started! Show notes and more at SmartPassiveIncome.com/session492

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