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As soon as we’re allowed to give hugs again, it’s hard to imagine not having WWE Superstar Big E at the top of your list. The teddy bear masquerading as the current WWE SmackDown! Tag Team Champion has proven himself in the ring for years now, but it’s his ability to see the larger picture that will make you a fan for life. Big E talks to Jensen about the racial divide dominating our culture, the history of the black performer in wrestling, and what the industry is facing in the form of sexual assault and harassment outed online by the #SpeakingOut movement. They also talk about The New Day: Feel The Power podcast, why Big E doesn’t miss an opportunity to speak the truth and whether The Undertaker’s retirement is like, for real for real. Oh, and look, we’ve got a brand new name – goodbye No-Sports Report, and welcome to The Sports Bubble! This episode and series supports For more of The Sports Bubble, visit

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