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Orlando City SC's goalkeeper Brian Rowe figured the birth of his first child would be the most unpredictable event he’d have in 2020, and boy was he wrong. In this episode, the MLS fan-favorite talks about the suspending of the MLS season after only 2 games and his quarantine life as a brand new father. He talks about how he and Jensen both came to name their sons "Adler" in one of the craziest coincidences you'll ever hear. You're gonna want to hear this. Then, Brian takes us through the eerie new protocols of his first day of individual practice as the MLS becomes the first major sports league in the US to allow players back to team facilities for training. Consider this a big "wakeup call" for what the sports landscape is gonna be like in our new "normal.” Plus, Jensen lures Brian back to his Oregon, hipper tie-dye roots and the two question how much Chuck Norris and Brett Favre's time is really worth. This episode proudly supports Orlando City SC's #ALLforORL campaign which helps raise funds for local businesses around Exploria Stadium and throughout Central Florida that are struggling during this time. To learn more, visit Please also go to to buy a #ALLforORL t-shirt with all proceeds going to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida, a member of For more of The No-Sports Report, go to

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