Dwight Smith Jr. / Ian Karmel

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Even with baseball in his genes, Dwight Smith Jr. is quickly making a name for himself. After having a solid 2019 season cut short due to injury, he came into Spring Training this year on a hot streak… and then everything stopped. The Baltimore Orioles outfielder talks about how practicing with his former major league Dad in quarantine has him feeling nostalgic, why he’s not ready to bust out the Toosie Slide in the bigs, and how he’s staying away from his biggest opponent - donuts. Jensen also breaks the news to Dwight that he made the playoffs for MLB’s The Show Players League. Dwight shares why the Orioles are underrated in the game (and real life) and how his hilarious “Sorry, Niko” will live on as a meme and haunt the Detroit Tigers’ Niko Goodrum forever. Plus, Jensen chats with Ian Karmel, the comedian and head co-writer of The Late Late Show with James Corden about his beloved Portland Trailblazers and why rewatching Ken Burns’ Baseball docuseries is seriously no joke. This episode and series supports FeedingAmerica.org. For more of The No-Sports Report, visit treefort.fm/the-no-sports-report

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