"Ronnie 2K" Singh / Dr. Myron Rolle

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When the NBA season came to a grinding halt on March 11th, it felt like we were all living in a strange simulated world, which isn’t anything new for “Ronnie 2K” Singh, the digital marketing director at 2K Sports. In this episode Ronnie2k talks about taking over the NBA spotlight with the current season in limbo, why the NBA 2K20 players-only tournament featured some huge upsets including Devin Booker’s win, and how broadcasting the tournament on ESPN from his bedroom was a dream come true. Plus, Ronnie reveals a few new features to come and Jensen tries to sell Ronnie on some storylines for 2K21… and it didn’t go well. Then, Jensen checks in with former NFL safety, Rhodes scholar, and current neurosurgery resident, Dr. Myron Rolle. The doctor shares his experience battling Covid-19 on the front lines at Massachusetts General Hospital, gives insight into what we can expect as some states attempt to reopen, and how years of playing football has helped him deal with the current pandemic. This episode proudly supports the Myron L. Rolle Foundation. To donate and learn more, visit rollefoundation.org. Please also support FeedingAmerica.org. For more of The No-Sports Report, go to treefort.fm/the-no-sports-report

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