Agility in Digital and other Growth

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Marisa Lytle has a secret weapon: agility. As VP of Consumer Engagement and Ecom at DEMDACO, she shares not only interesting insights from the world of digital marketing but overriding lessons about the importance of agility.

3:06 – whereas there used to be a clear start and stop with business initiatives “it’s no longer about achieving a set objective at a set point in time, it’s about being agile enough to continue to adapt throughout the journey.”

4:25 – … “it’s also being comfortable taking that step… don’t analyze to death… if you make the small step and bite-size, it’s not so scary… just make forward motion.”

9:32 – “we have to approach the task with humility and flexibility… is that part of agility?” – “Yes…it’s about setting expectations… this is an experiment, not going to be perfect.”

14:19 – “Sometimes you don’t retreat, you pause… you say: what can I learn… if I hit a rock, I guess I need to be more like water and run around it.”

21:42 – online vs. in-store purchases as potential channel conflict are “an example of digital growth thru agility… perceived channel conflicts that can be flipped on their head.”

23:22 – about Adam Grant book Think Again: “yes walk into the room with strong opinions but be ready to walk out with a different opinion, because you came across new information.”

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