Special Episode: State of the Market Roundtable with Greg Hendrick, Marc Adee and Andrew Robinson

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Today’s special episode does exactly what it says on the tin - plus a little more. AdvantageGo organised a prestigious panel of three prominent US-focused P&C CEOs and I got to work with them on dissecting the state of the market. Marc Adee, CEO of Crum & Forster, Andrew Robinson CEO of Skyward Specialty and Greg Hendrick the CEO of Vantage Group were all on excellent form as we examined rate adequacy, the prospect for loss trends and whether underwriters might keep ahead of them, resurgent economic and social inflation, the re-rating of cyber insurance and the ever-developing view of the industry Covid loss. We also rounded up the mid-year renewals, talked about the largely benign impact of reinsurance on the current market, and took a view on the sky-high valuations of public Insurtech stocks and the future of innovation and the industry’s developing relationship with technology. Many thanks again to AdvantageGo for organising this one – all I had to do was show up and ask the questions!

Enjoy the podcast.


Greg Hendrick couldn't remember who said the famous quote about the market being able to stay irrational longer that you can stay solvent. This one is from the British economist John Maynard Keynes.


We thank our naming sponsor AdvantageGo - enabling an enterprise view of exposure: https://www.advantagego.com/

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