Author/Filmmaker James Barrat returns talk everything AI? Data eavesdropping; Kill-bots and Political Manipulation

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My friend James Barrat returns to the WWI Podcast to give us an update on his outlook for the future of Artificial Intelligence. Has his typical technological pessimism eased since publishing his book "Our Final Invention" back in 2013 or has AI taken a turn for the worse? James tells a cautionary tale about AI and rightly so. Although we may not face kill-bots from the future, what's more concerning are the nefarious actions of the humans behind the technology. We've already seen our personal data traded and sold as a commodity which has undoubtedly manipulated world events. James has been one of my favorite guests on the show because he has great insight into a technology that many have dismissed as simply a sci-fi boogieman. What we have witnessed over the past decade has been extraordinary and what we will witness in the next decade may alter human the human race for eternity.

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