16. Innovation to Help Customers Become Net Positive, with Virginie Helias

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My guest this week is Virginie Helias, who is Chief Sustainability Officer at Procter & Gamble. Listen to Virginie talk about:

  • Why the goal of thriving must be thriving for all people, not only for the few – and how innovation and collaboration are the key
  • How licensing technology – such as digital watermarks to enable increased and improved plastic recycling – can help sustainable innovations to scale
  • Why it is essential that employees are part of the thriving movement, most of whom now expect companies to help them achieve net positive
  • How changing consumer behaviour is key, which requires creative communication, and increased performance and convenience of sustainable products
  • What P&G’s new commitment to build a water positive future means, including restoring more water than is consumed during the use of its products

Key links:
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