#138 - 29 Year Old Ex-Med Student’s Multi-Million Dollar Local Trucking Operation | #1 Trucking Podcast

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Special thanks to our sponsors OTR Capital & GTT Commercial Tires

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It serves as a helpful community where “you” are always their number one priority .

Whether you're a new owner/operator or have been in driving for years, their mission is to “Keep Owner Operators’ in Business”

that's why they go above and beyond providing superior customer service when you actually need it, educating you on proper tire care, and delivering a no BS sales experience.

With Two conveniently located stores in Richmond and Petersburg Virginia and over 2,000 5 star Google reviews they a truly raising the bar and setting a new standard in Tire care

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Special thanks to our guest Andrew


Andrew has been overcoming adversity his entire life. From being the victim of a kidnapping as a child growing up in New York City to contemplating suicide as a young entrepreneur, he never gives up, always finding the “loophole!” willing to go above and beyond to win.

Today the former pre-med student owns 15 Trucks, paid for in cash, and runs a successful multi million dollar local trucking operation. We went to visit Andrew at his warehouse and got to learn about his journey to success in the last 2 1/2 years and all the failures that proceeded along the way.


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