Soldier Strong with Chris Meek

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In this episode of the Trust Your Voice podcast, host Sylvie Légère sat down with Chris Meek, co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of SoldierStrong, founder of BraveMind and ReachStrong, also the Managing Director and Global Relationship Manager at S&P Global Inc, and adjunct professor at Syracuse University, on how to be a strong soldier in and out the field.

In this conversation, Sylvie and Chris discuss:

  • Story of building Soldier Strong and BraveMind
  • Building A Coalition To Broaden Impact
  • Bringing the most advanced technology to veterans
  • Reducing stigma about the mental health of soldiers

Chris has a podcast of his own where he discusses personal empowerment, commitment to our own well-being, and the motivation to achieve more, listen to him on Next Step Forward.

To help our veterans take their next step in life, visit SoldierStrong. To know more about other information about helping our veteran’s recovery, read BraveMind and pay ReachStrong a visit.

Let’s review three things on The Policy Circle: Armed Forces, Veterans, and Mental Health

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