Sunday Conversations with Dionne Nicholls -6 Healthy Tips for Negotiation in Relationships

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In relationships, we’re negotiating time, needs, purchases, where to vacation, chores.... I hope this episode helps you create a space where supportive and trusting relationships thrive. It’s packed full of goodness to make the process more dynamic and sustainable in any setting, personal and business. See my feature in Forbes Magazine here that inspired my NEW E-book on the topic here!

Dionne Nicholls is the Founder of Live Your Best Life for You, a Life Coaching & Wardrobe Styling Service for busy moms, women seeking their purpose. She is the Host of the new inspirational YouTube series, What Gives You Life? and is a Brand Ambassador for the The 5-Minute Journal, the gratitude journal that changed her life.

This episode was sponsored by Enoch Foliage School. In recognition of Black History Month, we are proud to celebrate this female black-owned business located in Brooklyn, NY

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