Season 3:Episode 11 Conf-USA realignment; JMU to the Sun Belt; Rules Ed on issue at Illinois; Update for Tennessee Football and Oklahoma State Basketball; USC admissions scandal & AP's Picks

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In this episode we cover a lot of information! First, Conference USA is expanding and adding Liberty, New Mexico State, Jacksonville State and Sam Houston State. Also, James Madison is rumored to be joining the Sun Belt, but its former conference, the CAA, is not happy and threatening banning the athletes from playing in conference championships. We also give a rules ed on the Illinois Center, Cockburn, who sold some memorabilia and is now banned 3 games. We also give an update on the Tennessee football scandal from two years ago. In addition, the NCAA rejects the appeal of Oklahoma State and, accordingly, the Cowboys are banned from the NCAA tournament this year. Lastly, we give an update on the USC admission scandal and some upcoming jail time for one of the key players in the scandal. Also, AP makes his picks! Will his hot streak continue?

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