POLICY AND PRACTICE - Lord Phillips, Sir Brian Leveson, Margaret Aldred: Setting Up the Covid Inquiry

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The Covid Inquiry is due to start work in the spring, chaired by Baroness (Heather) Hallett, a former Court of Appeal judge. It will be one of the most complex inquiries in legal history, and highly charged politically, with 150k deaths so far, and the pandemic far from over. This seminar brings together three speakers involved with previous high profile inquiries: Lord Phillips, chair of the BSE Inquiry (1998-2000); Sir Brian Leveson, chair of the Inquiry into Press Regulation (2011-12); and Margaret Aldred, secretary of the Iraq Inquiry (2009-16) chaired by the late Sir John Chilcot. They will pool advice on how best to set up a complex inquiry to ensure that it works speedily and efficiently, victims feel they have been heard, and the findings are accepted as legitimate.

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