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Sunil Bhandari is a poet by compulsion. He says he survives in this world because he can get to write poetry. He has written the Amazon bestseller book of poetry "Of Love and Other Abandonments". His second book is "Of Journeys & Other Ways To Get Lost". His poetry has appeared in several poetry compilations, some of them being Cologne of Heritage; Discarded; The DLF Anthology of Poems; Poerty; Plethora Blogazine; Verse of Silence; Hibiscus; Freedom Raga 2020; Jallianwala Bagh: Poetic Tributes; A Letter, A Poem, A Home: the Airplane Poetry Movement Collection, etc. He has been an invited poet in Apeejay Kolkata Lit Fest, Delhi Poetry Festival and Valley of Words Fest in Dehra Dun. This podcast is of his poetry.

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