Ungroundable with Lisa Schwartz explicit

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Sexy sleepovers, sibling revenge pranks gone wrong, homeroom hangovers — there’s a LOT you got away with back in the day. So now that you’re an adult (or as close to one as you’re ever gonna be), isn’t it time to finally enjoy the guilty pleasure of pouring a drink with your sweet innocent caretakers and horrifying them with some naughty nostalgia? Doesn’t Nana deserve to know just how much acid you were on when she took you to the aquarium? Well, if you’re Lisa Schwartz and her mom, these kinds of conversations are WAY too awkward and hilarious to pass up. Join the Schwartzeses each week as they sit down with celebrity friends to help unbury bodies and celebrate life’s most terrifying activity: admitting embarrassing stories to... YOUR FAMILY!

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