Side Affects: Being trans and feeling bad with Hil Malatino and Zena Sharman

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In SIDE AFFECTS, Hil Malatino opens a conversation about trans experience that acknowledges the reality of feeling fatigue, envy, burnout, numbness, and rate amid the ongoing onslaught of casual and structural transphobia in order to map the intricate emotional terrain of trans survival. In May 2022, Malatino was joined in conversation by Zena Sharman, author of The Care We Dream Of: Liberatory and Transformative Approaches to LGBTQ+ Health. This conversation was hosted virtually by White Whale Bookstore of Pittsburgh, PA.

Hil Malatino is assistant professor in the departments of women's, gender, and sexuality studies and philosophy at Penn State. Malatino is author of Side Affects; Trans Care; and Queer Embodiment: Monstrosity, Medical Violence, and Intersex Experience.

Zena Sharman is a writer, speaker, strategist, and LGBTQ+ health advocate. Sharman is author of The Care We Dream Of, and editor of The Remedy: Queer and Trans Voices on Health and Health Care. More info:

Topics discussed: trans and queer community, affect, rage, trauma, liberatory health care, liberated futures, family, aging, burnout, carceral systems, collective care work.

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