Women in a Changing MENA Region: The Gender Findings of Arab Barometer 2022

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Dr. Sahar Khamis discusses the gender findings of the "Arab Barometer" 2022 survey in her program "The Bridge" with her guests: Ms. Salma Al-Shami and Dr. MaryClare Roche Ms. Salma Al-Shami is the director of research at Arab Barometer. She has more than 10 years of experience designing and conducting mixed-method research projects throughout the region on diverse topics including education and knowledge-based economies, socioeconomic inequality, migration and displacement, and civil society development. Prior to joining the Arab Barometer, she served as the chief data analyst on a study of Iraqi IDPs' access to durable solutions, a collaborative project between the International Organization for Migration and the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies at Georgetown University, where she is a non-resident visiting scholar. She also serves as an adjunct lecturer in Georgetown's Global Human Development Program and as a consultant for the World Bank. Dr. MaryClare Roche is Arab Barometer's Director of Technology. She joined the team in 2020 after completing her PhD in political science at the University of Rochester. Her substantive interests include gender politics, particularly in North Africa and the Middle East, while her technical interests center on natural language processing and its use in surveys.

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