Vasilios Birlidis presents: Dr. Sebastian Brackenridge, The Gay Pride Podcast Episode

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Happy Gay Pride, Chickens. I'm back with yet another delicious episode of Exploring Olympus. In celebration of Gay Pride Month, I've decided to change things up a bit and focus this podcast on what my coming out to my parents, William, the Duke and Duchess of Brackenridge. Except this time it won't be my take on the somewhat dramatic moment, but will be told from the standpoint of someone very dear to me, my mother, the now Dowager Duchess of Brackenbridge. I won't tell you have blackmail I had to use to convince her to speak! So enjoy, dear chickens and always remember, All you need is love, Love is Love and Love Wins. As my family crest now reads: Natus Hoc Modo, latin for Born this way. oxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Sebastian

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