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Navigating through the energies of New Earth is not an easy process and can become extremely overwhelming at times.
As we all ascend into higher frequencies we’re all being guided to embrace our own unique divine pathway, a pathway created in the vibration of LOVE!
Join host International Psychic Medium Carrie Turcotte as she guides her listeners to rediscover themselves by accessing the keys of knowledge that already exist within.
Each week’s show is divinely orchestrated to intertwine with the universal energies allowing the listeners to go deeper within and understand the message being shared even greater!
When you live in the frequency of love there is no competition so Carrie will be joined regularly by fellow soul family members who will bring forth wisdom & knowledge she knows should be shared on a global level.
At the end of each show, Carrie will tap into the energies of the listeners to see what message Spirit wants to share with all those listening in for the upcoming week.
Listen to Vibe Nation Radio Live, Mondays at 3PM ET, on

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