RHT 193 Eleni and Sadie and the Relentless Passage of Time

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Listen to Sadie Sage's new album on Soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/sadie-martinez-582874909

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In this episode of the Relentlessly Human Tour, we have Eleni Vournas and Sadie Sage, two women who’ve uprooted their lives to see if they could do life differently. If you need inspiration for taking that next step on being relentlessly human, this is definitely an episode for you!

Here's what to expect in the episode:

  • How the two were called to the Big Island. There’s always something more to life than what other people think you’re supposed to be doing!
  • Creating a safe space for a community to be relentlessly human and authentically be themselves. (And did I mention that it’s living off of lava?)
  • Understanding that everyone has talent and a massive creative purpose - it’s deep inside all of us!
  • Being in flow - what does “flow” feel like? It CAN be scary. It’s a leap of faith at every single moment.
  • “We’re not human doers. We’re human BEINGS.”
  • Songs, music, tunes, and more songs!

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