GUEST: A great chat with Natasha Houseman about the Houseman Family Tree - Waffle Free Storytelling

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Welcome To The Waffle-Free FAMILY Stories!

In this show, I talk to Natasha Houseman who is digging into, uncovering and exploring her family tree.

We talk about her grandmother's role in getting her hooked on family trees, how she's giving life to the women in her story, the horrible accident that led to one child shooting another, and right at the end, she gives you THE BEST conversation ice-breaker you'll ever know.

In between all that chat, she talks about the tools and techniques she uses to get as close to the real story as possible, and how she plugs the gaps.

The result of all that work is a blog that she shares with friends and family. Here's the link!

Start with "An Almost Yorkshire Family", and explore the Houseman family tree from there.

Fill your mug with something delicious, put your feet up, and join Natasha and I as we talk family trees.

When the story is done, feel free to meander around for more waffle-free tales and other stuff and nonsense.

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