Walford Weekly Ep. 167: Honey's Helping Hand

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We delve into the stories that aired in the UK from Monday 19th to Friday 23th July

This week Jag’s got the most air time (and arguably best performance to date), Peter’s ‘Popper’ is smaller than Terry’s, Knick Knack is a thing now and so much more!

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TIME STAMPS - (We ramble on sometimes, so it’s worth listening to the whole show!)

00:00 - Hello and Welcome to Walford Weekly!

05:43 - “Bernie’s Bun” - Feat. Tiff, Bernie, Keegan, Rainie and Karen

12:08 - “Keegan’s Filled Out” - Feat. Tiff, Keegan and Whitney

18:58 - “Dobby’s Genesis” - Feat. Dana, Bobby and Harvey

26:18 - “Whit’s Whistle” - Feat. Terry, Whitney and Kathy

28:29 - “Rafe the Hamburglar” - Feat. Lola, Isaac, Patrick, Sheree and Rafe

36:32 - “Ain’t Mickbehaving” - Feat. Zack, Nancy, Mick and Frankie

44:27 - “Panesar’s Sweet Spot” - Feat. Honey, Suki, Ash and Vinny

52:03 - “Ballum Bother” - Callum, Ben, Kheerat and Phil

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