Ep.131 - Five Years Since The EU Referendum...

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In a week where:

  1. Summer Solstice has come & gone.
  2. LV Raiders DL Carl Nassib becomes the first active gay NFL player.
  3. Spotify & FB drop their own live voice chat platforms.
  4. The Supreme Court rules the NCAA cannot restrict educational benefits provided by universities to student-athletes.
  5. 22nd June commemorates Windrush Day.

In Sports: (7:23) It's time for my quarterly NBA Rant and it's mainly about some teams I wanted out of the Playoffs and has done me a solid and did just that.

In Music: (23:47) It's hard to quite understand how deep the power of US Major Music Labels have, but with new moves made by them, aiming for the future, it's clear how inevitable they really are.

In Film/TV: (40:43) We have a brand new ripple to "The Exit" and it is one that the UK Film & TV industry warned the Government about but why have ears when all you need are slogans?

Lastly, in Life: (48:21) Speaking of "The Exit", it has now been five years since the EU Referendum. A lot of people at the time coined it as our "Independence Day". But I don't see the National celebration. Why is that I wonder...

Thank you for listening! If you want to contribute to the show, whether it be sending me questions or voicing your opinion in any way, peep the contact links below and I'll respond accordingly. Let me know "What's Good?"

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