Ep.200 - False Idols, Avatar & Comrade Sisters

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In a week where:

  1. Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka is suspended for 2022-23 season over alleged intimate relationship with team staff member.
  2. UK Police arrest 17-year-old over GTAVI hacking investigation.
  3. "Wolf Hall" author Hilary Mantel dies aged 70.
  4. Jazz legend Pharoah Sanders dies aged 81.
  5. Giorgia Meloni and the far-right Brothers of Italy win Italian General Election.

In Tech: (6:21) The founders of tech giants are gassed up regardless of how crap they are as humans. The gas is more evident in the US where the Tech CEO (and their egos) are at the centre.

In Music: (25:26) It's no surprise that the live music industry has fallen on deaf ears when it comes to the largest sufferers of "The Exit" and now, live touring as a whole is at risk.

In Film: (38:35) James Cameron's "Avatar" is back in cinemas to hype up the long-awaited sequel and it's still as polarising as it was when it initially released over a decade ago.

Lastly, in Art: (55:26) A new photobook "Comrade Sisters: Women of the Black Panther Party" is coming out next month, highlighting the frequently overlooked women that were the backbone of the entire movement.

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