Show 76 — Jane English and ‘Ten Thousand Things’ Launch

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On this very special episode, we have the pleasure of speaking with Jane English, the co-creator of popular translations of “Tao Te Ching” and “Inner Chapters.” Here, we discuss her new book “Rainbow of Tao” and her life and work with Gia Fu-Feng.

You can buy her new book “Rainbow of Tao” on her website.

We’re also proud to announce the launch of “Ten Thousand Things,” Dr. Totton and Tod Perry’s new podcast that expands on the ideas discussed on “What’s This Tao All About?” and explores new areas of philosophy, psychology, and culture.

Right now, there are two episodes of “Ten Thousand Things” available on “Escape from Freedom” and a bonus episode with Jane English.

“Ten Thousand Things” is available exclusively on Patreon for $5.99 a month at

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