Jason Isbell: How to Find Something to Love

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Bill Clinton has often said he wouldn’t have become President if he hadn’t been born in Arkansas into a family whose main form of entertainment was storytelling. From a young age, he learned that every person has a story, and every person’s story has value—and when we truly hear other people’s stories, we can recognize at least some part of ourselves in them, too.

In the Season 2 premier of Why Am I Telling You This?, President Clinton is joined by one of the most acclaimed storytellers working in music today, Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter and guitarist Jason Isbell. Jason shares how his upbringing in rural Alabama helped him find his calling, why he feels a responsibility to speak out on issues he cares about, and how music can cut through our defenses and speak to our souls. Along the way, Jason and President Clinton talk about the challenges facing rural America, the overdose epidemic, and vaccine hesitancy—as well as Jason’s most recent album, Georgia Blue, and his film acting debut in Martin Scorsese’s upcoming Killers of the Flower Moon.

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