Wild City #205: GIRLS NIGHT OUT

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Whether at a late-night slot at a club in South Delhi or a sunny pool-side party, Vijayant Singh as GIRLS NIGHT OUT always cues his selections with a natural sense of the occasion and the energy of his audience, always rendering sweating it out on the dance floor an effortless and compulsive experience. While the ongoing pandemic has kept the local dancefloors empty for most parts, the half-lawyer half-DJ transports the listeners energetically to the clubs with his Wild City mix, adding an extra sense of nostalgia with classic club sounds delivered through surprising and revelatory selections. The mix maintains Vijayant’s intrinsic dynamism inviting the listener in quickly yet smoothly with the subdued bass phrases of Robert Leiner’s ‘Aqua Viva’, then turning up its guttural factor through thumping kick drums and later some breakbeats before diving headlong into house and its surrounding strands of dance music. Keeping a finger on the pulse of his audience, Vijayant lets the listener cool down every once in a while with the trippy sensuousness of tracks like Dream 2 Science’s ‘My Love Turns To Liquid’ and Hawke’s ‘3 Nudes In A Purple Garden’ before resuming the exciting frenzy that defines a GIRLS NIGHT OUT mix. For tracklist and more information: https://www.thewildcity.com/mixes/18583-wild-city-205-girls-night-out

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