Episode #193 | "Ladies 1st".

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On this episode, Wade Bloggs, Nissa Moore, and G Li discuss the upcoming Verzuz between Eve and Trina. each of them makes their predictions for what will definitely be a celebration of these two stars. The gang then reviews the lineups for the Rolling Loud festival, in all three locations. We are definitely back outside! Finally, the trio discusses the "Atl Mt. Rushmore" that surfaced online in the last few days. How right is it? Who's missing? and where the f#@k is Outkast? Also, who would be on the Virginia Mt Rushmore? They also cover Dame Grease saying he has over 50 unreleased DMX tracks, T.I. saying his next album will be his last, and more. Scan's Vibe of the week: Robert Glasper ft. H.E.R., Meshell Ndegeocello - "Better Than I Imagined". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yQE8v-5GTU For Inquires contact Wade at WordsWithWade@gmail.com Hosted By @THEWadeBloggs along with @_G_Li & Scan (@Nissa.Moore) Produced by @_G_Li Executive Produced by @THEWadeBloggs www.WordsWithWade.com.

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