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Today we have Author, Speaker, and International Breakthrough Specialist, Nick Breau to join us as we talk about the successes and challenges he’s had over the years in business and how he has helped clients from all over the world through seminars and coaching sessions. He also shares tips and tricks on why he’s so good with what he does.

Nick Breau is an international Breakthrough Specialist and Law of Attraction expert who, over the last decade has served clients in more than twenty-five countries.

Known as the computer hacker turned people hacker, his repertoire of manifested experiences ranges from a multimillion-dollar tech acquisition and dream relationship to nine Abraham-Hicks hot seats. He continues to serve his international client base through live seminars, private coaching, and an online community where he follows his highest excitement sharing his life experiences to guide others in achieving their full potential as a leading-edge creator.

Connect with Nick at:

Website: https://nickbreau.com/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/nkbreau/

FB: https://facebook.com/nkbreau

YT: ​​https://youtube.com/nkbreau

Listen to his podcast, Change Your Reality at: https://nickbreau.com/episodes/


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In This Episode:

[0:40] A story of success in Nick’s business

[5:50] Nick’s biggest failure in life

[7:21] How does Nick handle when things don’t go as planned?

[11:40] How does he manage getting fans?

[16:06] Is there a balance between being under pressure and being prepared?

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[20:34] On keeping his hat full

[23:03] What does Nick do to be good at what he does?

[26:32] Slowing down vs. going fast

[30:05] What’s exciting in Nick’s business?

[31:49] Learn more about Nick and his podcast

[32:42] Outro

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