The Great Kaiju Cinema Swap

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What happens when "The Tattooed Titan of Tokusatsu" Jacob Walsh and co-host Jay Key recommend films to each other that the other one hasn't seen before? You get the first ever Great Kaiju Cinema Swap! Four movies. Four very different movies. Spanning nearly four decades of cinema, our beloved hosts dive deep into a quartet of kaiju and kaiju-adjacent flicks ranging from a zany 1970 "giant monsters fight on a tropical island" film that could be the final nail in the coffin of the golden era of kaiju eiga; to a 1994 epic fantasy steeped in Japanese folklore but somehow manages to weave in were-wizards with laser beam eyes, lightsabers, and a final confrontation between an eight-headed King Ghidorah and a Megazord; to a 2006 Korean critical masterpiece that tackles multiple themes brilliantly under the guise of a dark absurdist satire; to an American entry from 2008 that broke all previous molds of successful viral marketing and solidified the term "found footage" into the moviegoing lexicon. We give you: Space Amoeba, Yamato Takeru, The Host, and Cloverfield.

Did they love them? Did they hate them? Are they still doing the podcast after subjecting each other to these films? Tune in to find out!


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