Your Life, God's Word

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Your life is important, you are important, but how do we navigate through this complex system of family, community, politics, morality, good and evil, heaven and hell? With so much relativism and confusion, how can we discover real truth, or does real truth even exist? There are so many opinions and voices shouting over each other, how do we decide who or what to listen to? Where can we go to live our best life, direct our family properly, and impact our communities for the better? Welcome to Your life, God's Word. We engage in relevant conversation using scriptural application. We discuss the most important areas of life: God, family and community, through the lens of the principles found in scripture. We believe this podcast will help you to navigate through this life with a steady hand and a sure foundation. We pray this podcast inspires, encourages, challenges, and blesses you in every way!!! Join the conversation with your questions, comments, rants and responses by emailing us at We want to hear from you!!!

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