681 - Robert Kelly - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

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We’re Home Here Now for another episode of YMH! This week, Tom Segura and Christina P discuss Christina’s most recent Pazsitzky Effects - that you can buy more than one winter coat, and hike a trail multiple times back to back. They watch a video of some foreign guys fighting in an airport, and discuss Tom’s experience having Bobby Lee on tour with him. They wrap up the solo segment by taking a look at a video of a very cool guy who discusses his interest in sex.

Robert Kelly is a comedian, actor, and podcaster. He joins the Main Mommies to discuss his new stand-up special “Kill Box,” which Louis C.K. produced, the crazy things that happened while they were shooting it in Florida, their worst bombs, Robert’s weight loss, how Robert broke his ribs, and his time on the TV show “Louie.”





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