E98 Keto Made Simple (and Mad!)

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Are you in need of simplification in your approach to the keto lifestyle? Does getting started on keto seem overwhelming? Our guests today have some awesome and practical advice on keeping keto simple! Julie and Cameron Smith (@ketomadesimple and @ketomadman) join today's episode to share their keto journey.

From blissful health ignorance and weight watchers to keto.

Using ketosis to help wean off medications.

The importance of maintaining accountability.

What keto camp do you fall in?

Cameron and Julie share why they do what they do.

And finally, some practical advice for getting started on keto.

Julie and Cameron have an awesome Keto cookbook called Keto Your Way coming out soon! You can pre-order it now on Amazon.

If you would like to follow them on Instagram (and you should!) Julie is @ketomadesimple and Cameron is @ketomadman.

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And as always, if you have any questions on this episode (or any questions in general) don’t hesitate to reach out to us at bioteam@biofitcoaching.com, or submit a question on www.lifeinketosispodcast.com.

And if you’re interested in starting your own journey, you can find out more information at biofitcoaching.com or on Instagram @biofit_coaching

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