194. Looks Like Ten Years Is Too Long - Stephenson Murders Update With Special Guest Det. Coy Cox

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Ten years is a long time no matter how you look at it. But for the Stephenson family of Northern Kentucky, ten years is just simply too long. Because that’s how long it’s been since their family patriarch and matriarch Bill and Peggy Stephenson were murdered – brutally – in their Florence Kentucky townhome on Memorial Day weekend in 2011. And the devoted minister and his wife – both beloved members of the community known for their kindness and generosity – were killed in a most unusual – evil way. The killer (or killers) murdered the Stephensons late at night – and took their time. They not only completely re-arranged the murder scene – they staged the bodies in different rooms of the condo – and staged the rest of the home as well, leaving seeming clues everywhere that to this day no one has deciphered. Melissa covered this devastating unsolved double murder in Episode 147 of Just The Tip-Sters, when she interviewed lead case detective Coy Cox of the Boone County Kentucky Sheriff’s Department. Det. Cox has been on this case since Day 1, and he, his partner and the entire department have never converted it to “cold” status. It is, and always will be until the murders are solved, an active investigation. Since Episode 147 aired last year, some important tips have come in to Det. Cox’s team. Melissa thought it might be a good idea to have him back to provide an update on the Stephenson murder investigation and to continue to encourage anyone who might even provide a sliver of a clue to speak up. Join Melissa as she gets that update, and also asks Det. Cox some questions she and many of our listeners have asked about the case. And take the time to really listen to a man whose life is the very definition of a great police officer – smart, savvy, dedicated – and caring about his job and his duty to bring justice to these victims and their family. If you know ANYTHING or ANYONE that might help solve this case – even if you think it’s not important – contact Det. Cox and his team via email at stephensontip@boonecountyky.org or call (859) 334-8496d or toll-free at (844) 210-1111.

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