Discovering Classical Chinese Medicine - Interview with Collin Campbell (ICEAM) S4 Ep 12

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Navigating the world of further study for Herbalists and Chinese medicine practitioners can be a tough one - where to start? Hopefully this episode will bring some clarity this for students of TCM, new graduates of TCM, practitioners who've been in business a long time but searching for something better for their patients AND even to our majority of listeners who are patients of those practitioners - give you some insights into what dedicated practitioners like Collin go through to become a respected teacher in the industry. It was such a pleasure to interview fellow colleague, Collin Campbell. Collin has been practicing Chinese Medicine for 15 years, and has devoted his career thus far to Classical Chinese medicine. In addition to his private practice, as part of training to become a fellow of ICEAM, Collin has seen over 1000 patients supervised by Dr Arnaud Versylus as part of his fellowship training. Some of the topics we discuss are the differences between studying TCM and Classical Chinese Medicine, the typical journey that many Chinese medicine practitioners take in their quest to learn Classical systems of Chinese medicine. ICEAM Is a pulse-based system of herbal medicine, we discuss how this relates to what ICEAM practitioners are taught.

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CONTACT DETAILS: If you are interested in studying Chinese Medicine with ICEAM in this new program, call Collin on : 777 344 1275 Or email : More info: COLIN CAMPBELL’S CLINIC:

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