#23: Upgrade Your Spine for Osteoporosis & Pain w/ Dr. Ryan Wohlfert + BoneCoach™

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In this interview with Dr. Ryan Wohlfert, we discuss pain, posture, spinal health, and more.
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Topics Covered
How did you become interested in this field… what led you to help people improve their spinal health and chronic pain?
7:29: What is chiropractic care?
13:13: Is chiropractic care safe for people with osteoporosis?
22:42: Why hyper-kyphosis in elderly leads to decreased lifespan (can take up to 15 years off your life)
23:40: The relationship between the spine, posture, and bone health (especially the gut, lungs, and brain)
24:32: What are some common misconceptions people have about your field and how it relates to their health?
25:02: How brain neurology plays a major role in causing poor bone health & chronic pain (including headaches, migraines, neuropathy, chronic fatigue, spinal pain, sciatica…)
27:14: The things people in chronic pain are doing to “fix” their pain (ie drugs, medications, surgery) that are HIGHLY INEFFECTIVE
31:52: How can people naturally break-free from pain, and optimize their bone health and performance by focusing on the spine?
34:07: How can people find your work?
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