How to become a successful probate real estate agent: Zac Mazur's story

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In this episode, Certified Probate Expert Zac Mazur shares his success story and offers tips for becoming a probate real estate agent. Topics discussed include building attorney relationships, probate mail marketing, text messaging for real estate prospecting, and tips on how to speak to personal representatives.
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Two cold-calling script examples are given as well!
0:00 Getting started in Probate Real Estate

3:56 Probate marketing plan: Letters, postcards, and cold calls.

5:04 Probate leads ROI and average time to close the transaction

5:39 Call reluctance and speaking to probate leads

6:40 Probate text messages: When should you be texting probate leads?

9:29 Real estate cold calling script: Get a prospect to call you back.

10:27 Email campaigns and real estate CRMs

12:07 How I built referral relationships with probate attorneys

13:10 Real estate cold calling scripts and probate objections "We have an attorney"

14:40 Surviving as a new probate real estate agent


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