1869, Ep. 113 with José Vergara, author of All Future Plunges to the Past

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Transcript here: https://otter.ai/u/SAYxnj1Va5RQSZVcWZy_VBwqCgQ This episode, we speak with José Vergara, author of All Future Plunges to the Past: James Joyce in Russian Literature. José Vergara is Assistant Professor of Russian at Bryn Mawr College. His teaching interests cover a wide variety of topics: Russian language, prison literature, Chernobyl, Russian Novel (of the classical and experimental varieties), and contemporary Russian culture and society. We spoke to José about what inspired him to study James Joyce’s influence on Russian writers, the five major Russian authors he studied, and the Joycean themes he found in their work. If you’d like to read Jose’s new book please use the promo code 09POD to save 30 percent. If you live in the UK use the discount code CSANNOUNCE and visit the website combinedacademic.co.uk.

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