Emotionally Healthy Legacy- Stress management, mindset shifts, emotional wellness, faith, self care for Christian moms

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Welcome to Emotionally Healthy Legacy.

This podcast for Christian moms who want to control their mom anger and respond with patience and calm.

This podcast is for you if you:

Sick of constantly screaming at your kids or experiencing explosive anger

Wish you could be a calm and patient mom

Tell yourself 'I never had anger issues until I had kids'

Feel burnt-out and stressed all the time

Experience regular mom guilt and shame for hurting your children with your words or actions

Want to model healthy emotional stability to your children

Good news, You are in the right place. There is a way to overcome destructive anger so you can build a closer relationship with your kids that will feel safe and loving.

In this podcast you will learn:

-How to partner with God in motherhood

-Spiritual encouragement

-Mindset shifts

-Prioritizing your needs guilt free

-Setting healthy boundaries with yourself and others

-Healthy processing of challenging emotions (controlling your mom anger)

-Healthy habits for spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing

-How to grow a closer relationship with your spouse and children

-Overcome negative self talk, guilt, shame and lies from the devil

If that sounds like something you need, welcome my friend.

Im here to help you overcome destructive emotional patterns so you can partner with God and leave an emotionally healthy legacy for your kids.

Website: emotionallyhealthylegacy.com

Email: hello@emotionallyhealthylegacy.com

Need support?

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