EP.54 [EN] - Felix Sim: Empowering Guilds with Salad Academy and GuildOS / 用 Salad Academy 与 GuildOS 为工会赋能

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At the beginning of this episode, Felix told us about his background and his experience running a guild (which now is named Apollo Squad), and how those experience led to today's Salad Ventures. He introduced the three pillars of Salad Ventures: GuildOS, Salad Academy, and Apollo Squad.
He then explained to us what Salad Academy and GuildOS are, and the growth loop among the three pillars. We discussed what he thought the guild managers and players were optimizing for, and how Salad Ventures tried to better serve them. At the end we also discussed the open question about the future of "Play to Earn".

Twitter: @SaladVentures / @felixsim

Website: https://www.salad.ventures/

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在这一集的开头,Felix 向我们讲述了他的背景和他经营公会(现在被命名为 Apollo Squad)的经历,以及这些经历如何促成了今天的 Salad Ventures。他介绍了 Salad Ventures 的三大组成部分:GuildOS、Salad Academy 和 Apollo Squad。

然后他向我们解释了Salad Academy和 GuildOS 是什么,以及Salad Ventures的三大组成部分之间的增长循环。我们讨论了他认为公会经理和玩家尽可能优化的目标,以及Salad Ventures如何试图更好地为他们服务。最后,我们还开放地讨论了关于“Play to Earn”未来何去何从的问题。

推特: @SaladVentures / @felixsim

网站: https://www.salad.ventures/


重要声明:Mable Jiang或嘉宾在播客中的观点仅代表他们的个人看法,并不代表Multicoin Capital官方的观点。此播客仅用于提供信息,不作为投资参考。Multicoin Capital有时可能会在此节目中讨论的某些代币或公司中持有头寸。

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