EP.59 [EN/CN] - Sunsetting 51% and Launching HODLong / 告别《伍拾壹说》与启动新品牌《后浪》

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Hey guys! You’re listening to the 60th episode, which is also the last episode of 51%. I’m sunsetting this show and launching a brand new podcast brand, HODLong (which is homophonic to 后浪, or “next wave” in Mandarin). In the new podcast brand, I’ll continue to shed light to the Asia-based Web3 world, but will expand my interviewees to the broader Web3 community, whether that being operators, investors, or ecosystem participants of other forms. Some of my friends would also join me as co-hosts in some episodes.

It was an amazing journey to have done the 60 episodes of 51%, and I wouldn’t be able to advance the production without your feedback and suggestion. In the future production of HODLong, I would very much appreciate your continuous feedback. The subscription link to HODLong is in the show notes - Can’t wait to see you guys on the other side!

大家好!在陪伴大家走过了过去一年多之际,即日起五十一说将退役,我将成立一个全新的播客品牌《后浪》(与英文中的“Hodl long” 谐音)。在新的播客品牌里,我将持续对于亚洲的 Web3 世界投以关注,但《后浪》的受访人群体将会是更广范围的 Web3 社区运营者、投资人、和其他各种生态参与者。我也会邀请一些朋友作为联合主持在部分节目里出现。


Subscription link to HODLong:

Simplecast: https://hodlong-hou-lang.simplecast.com

Apple Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/hodlong-%E5%90%8E%E6%B5%AA/id1622341355

Xiao Yu Zhou: https://www.xiaoyuzhoufm.com/podcast/62735d9aa679bbb043f60ae3?s=eyJ1IjogIjYwNTg4ODc5ZTBmNWU3MjNiYjU3MGJmMSJ9

RSS Feed: https://feeds.simplecast.com/lnmJvIXR


Simplecast: https://hodlong-hou-lang.simplecast.com

苹果播客: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/hodlong-%E5%90%8E%E6%B5%AA/id1622341355

小宇宙: https://www.xiaoyuzhoufm.com/podcast/62735d9aa679bbb043f60ae3?s=eyJ1IjogIjYwNTg4ODc5ZTBmNWU3MjNiYjU3MGJmMSJ9

RSS Feed: https://feeds.simplecast.com/lnmJvIXR

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