Ep 203 Catch Up with the CCA

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On this episode I speak with Melissa Secord, Executive Director of the Canadian Celiac Association to bring us up to date on recent relevant news items. We look more into how the CCA worked with the Ontario government to inform the Ministry of Health about the advantages of covering the cost of the celiac blood panel for the purpose of diagnosis, and the pilot program that has come from those efforts. Recently, a story about a celiac woman held in travel quarantine made the national news as she was denied a gluten free meal for 40 hours. The CCA got involved to help the woman and bring more awareness of this unacceptable situation. Melissa and I also talked about the labelling of “natural” products, including supplements, and natural treatments. Until now, these products did not require labelling that would identify sources of gluten and recently, the CCA has been working with Health Canada to change the regulations. You can find out more at www.celiac.ca/news-events/news/.

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