A Course in Miracles with The Creator of Miracles

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You only need to turn on the broadcast news to know, we need a miracle in this world. You may need a personal miracle for yourself or for a family member. That miracle is already within you, you can find it here. This podcast goes through ’A Course in Miracles’ student workbook with guided meditation to The Creator of Miracles in short daily lessons. Creator’s perspective is asked for and downloaded with each lesson. This course is inclusive of any and all beliefs, any and all religions, and is for any who believe in a creator or creative energy or source. A Course in Miracles with the Creator of Miracles will allow you to receive the miracles you need to change your life, heal from physical, emotional or mental traumas and create inner peace. The Course in Miracles was first published by Center for Inner Peace and the student workbook can be purchased to read along with this podcast at any bookstore.

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